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Nokia is really a global brand and a genuine player in the cell phone showcase. In the event that you have a Nokia cell phone, odds are, you cherish it, and are not very glad on the off chance that it has endured a glitch or harm. That is the place we at Sunrise Telecom can help. Our professionals are knowledgeable in Nokia screen repair, and can have your gadget settled immediately, regularly around the same time that you acquire it.

The Nokia 5 comes with a 5.2″ (13.21 cm) display with a screen resolution of HD (720 x 1280 pixels). The essential (13MP). With all your Nokia 5 is prepared to do, a broke or scratched screen can truly put a damper on things. The gifted group at Sunrise Telecom can repair or supplant your Nokia 5 screen, rapidly and bother free.

Get your repaired Nokia back in your hands in just few times, with a brand new screen fitted or with repiared screen, and a full warranty on the repair.

nokia 5 screen repair